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Thursday, June 01, 2023

Mountain Climbing

A great team of experienced guides and porters on call to make your experience of climbing Kili or Mt Meru a memorable and successful one.


Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain peak in Africa. The name Kilimanjaro is derived from a Swahili word Kilma (mountain), Kichagga (Njaro) (whiteness) that is White Mountain. The highest peak of Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters above sea level and is 4th highest free Standing Mountain in the world.
Mt Meru is a dormant stratovolcano located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro. At a height of 4,566 metres (14,980 ft), it is visible from Mt Kilimanjaro on a clear day, and is the tenth highest mountain in Africa. Not as popular as Kili, Mt Meru is an exceptionally rewarding climb and a third of the cost!!
We at Kuro expeditions offer 8 day treks to the summit of Kili via the Machame and Umbwe routes or six days via the Rongai route. But of course if you wish to trek on one of the other routes we would be more than happy to organize this for you.
A trek to the summit of Mt Meru is a shorter trek and takes only three days. The trek to the summit is via the Momella Gate in Arusha National Park.

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